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Your wedding cake is designed to taste as incredible as it looks. All of our sponges are baked fresh to order two days before your event using luxury local and where possible, Essex ingredients, in particular Tiptree conserves and Marriage's flour for optimum freshness and softness. Your guests will naturally gravitate towards your wedding cake because not only will it look stunning but it will let off the most amazing sweet and rich vanilla scent that fills the room. Feel free to choose a different flavour for each tier! 

The Couture Baker sample box
The Couture Baker sample box

Select up to 5 flavours from our menu for your wedding cake sample box

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Sample boxes
Sample boxes

Sample box presentation

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Wedding cake samples
Wedding cake samples

Delicious wedding cake sample boxes to include 5 samples for £20 to enjoy after your consultation or these can be posted.

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The Couture Baker sample box
The Couture Baker sample box

Select up to 5 flavours from our menu for your wedding cake sample box

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Vanilla sponge layered with raspberry conserve and vanilla bean buttercream

Mango, Passionfruit and Prosecco

Vanilla sponge sandwiched with a mango, passionfruit and prosecco coulis and coulis swirled vanilla bean buttercream

White Chocolate and Raspberry

 Vanilla sponge dotted with fresh raspberries and layered with white chocolate ganache, buttercream and raspberry conserve

Cherry Bakewell

Cherry dotted sponge with almond and kirsch buttercream and Morello cherry conserve 



Blueberry and Coconut

Fresh Blueberry sprinkled sponge sandwiched with wild blueberry conserve and coconut buttercream

Pear and Biscoff

 Soft pear sponge layered with Biscoff buttercream


Light fluffy lemon zest sponge with a layer of zesty lemon curd and lemon curd buttercream. Can be customised with elderflower and lemon buttercream.

Strawberry and Prosecco

Vanilla sponge layered with strawberry and prosecco conserve and vanilla bean buttercream

Vanilla Berry

Vanilla sponge layered with pink summer berry buttercream

Chocolate Snickers

Moist chocolate sponge sandwiched with chocolate snickers buttercream. Snickers can be eliminated.  - ALMONDS/PEANUT

Chocolate Orange Honeycomb

Moist chocolate orange sponge with chocolate orange and honeycomb buttercream  - ALMONDS



The above wedding and celebration flavours contain the following allergens that must be declared by food law: 

Milk, eggs, peanuts, almonds, sulphites and cereals that contain gluten



We no longer produce naked/semi - naked or buttercream coated tiered cakes



If there is a particular flavour you favour that I haven’t included on the menu or if you have any dietary requirements please do not hesitate to inform me and I will try my best to accommodate!

 All of the above wedding cake sponges are coated in a layer of white chocolate ganache before a thin layer (0.3mm) of luxury sugarpaste is applied.

 Non Gluten, dairy and alcohol free cupcakes, mini cakes and tiered cakes available. Vegan or eggless cupcakes available only.

Chocolate sponges contain ground almonds and nuts and allergens are frequently handled in the kitchen, therefore we cannot guarantee that cross contamination of all allergens will not occur.