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Buttercream Beauties

Tiered Buttercream cakes. I have a ton of love for buttercream coated wedding cakes & the demand for them this year is especially high! However, I made the decision to discontinue making them several years ago & it's been one of my best business decisions. Here's why I say no to those buttercream beauties!

Ganache preference: I love silky smooth white chocolate ganache that coats each of my sponge tiers. For taste, structure & workability, ganache wins. Ganache is unparalleled in taste to that of buttercream in my opinion. A mouthful of ganache is incredible, a mouthful of buttercream isn't for me.

Super soft buttercream: Delicious inside but a nightmare for my fingers on the outside. I'm a messy baker & as buttercream can melt in seconds, you have to be ninja like & feather light fingered in handling buttercream tiers. I find buttercream really unforgiving for accidentally brushing up against it or putting my finger through it. Patching up a buttercream cake often had me coating the cake from scratch!

Structure & stability: My sponges are super light & airy & require a firm coating of white chocolate ganache & icing to give the tiers perfect structure In which to be stacked evenly all day long. Ganache sets lovely & firm, encasing all the fillings inside preserving their moist perfection. I can walk away from the cake knowing that it will stay level until well into the night.

Heat: No more needs to be said when the words unpredictable British heat & buttercream are mentioned!

Creativity: There are so many more bespoke design possibilities & options with sugarpaste coated cakes than buttercream. I always felt limited to decorating buttercream cakes with fresh flowers which was 90% how my customers wanted them decorated. Of course fresh flower semi-naked cakes have a big place within the timeless and beautiful category but the design possibilities are endless with sugarpaste cakes.

I love Sugarpaste: I use a luxury Swiss sugarpaste that tastes & smells of the most beautiful vanilla. This smell of vanilla honestly fills the room! Icing is flawless and sharp. I love how it handles and I love sharp icing edges!

Lastly, sugarpaste coated cakes are my speciality & have my heart. I have complete confidence in their structure, taste & design & producing them is pure joy!

For those of you set on having a buttercream coated cake, (and why would you want to defer away from having your dream style cake) although I'm not your buttercream baker, I know a few local cake designer friends who happily & confidentiality take on buttercream cake orders all year round which I will be happy to recommend to you.

Lys X

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